About Hall of Fame

About the PSBA Hall of Fame

In July 1974, after several years of discussion amongst various committees appointed to formulate a Hall of Fame, the Pennsylvania State Bowling Association Hall of Fame was created. A committee comprised of Chairman Randell Keller, Daniel Holter, Henry Lapinski, Ralph Salivati and David Shimph submitted the requirements and rules needed to designate the bowler who may be eligible for such an honor. At the October 1974 Fall Board of Directors meeting, the Chairman announced that a selection committee of Henry Sanders and John Settlen had been appointed. An Election Committee of John Wanacheck, Robert Lyons and Frank Cromis would select the nominees from the advanced ten applications. Six men were honored in the first formal Hall of Fame induction ceremony July 10, 1976.

The PSBA Hall of Fame is dedicated to honoring those men and women in the State whose efforts have contributed to the growth and welfare of the game of bowling by their bowling ability and/or through meritorious service to the game of bowling in the State of Pennsylvania.

Six men entered the Hall in July of 1976 as the Charter members of the group, namely:

  • Frank Clause
  • Eddie Jefferson
  • Joe Ostrowski
  • Frank Pollak
  • C. Franklin Thompson
  • Frank “Butch” Snyder.

The Hall is governed by a board of directors consisting of the Hall of Fame Secretary as chairperson and all Hall of Fame members. These members, among other duties, serve as the selection committee which screens the nominations to the Hall and presents a maximum of twelve names to the Election Committee which does the actual naming of the honorees each year. The Election Committee consists of the Hall of Fame Secretary and six Hall of Fame members selected by the Hall of Fame Secretary and the PSBA President. The six members, two from the East, two from the Central, and two from the West shall be taken from a pool of members who have submitted their names to the Hall of Fame Secretary indicating their interest in serving.



  1. Attained the age of forty-five years.
  2. Participated in P.S.B.A. Association tournaments for a minimum of ten years or been a member of a local bowling association for a minimum of ten years.
  3. Established a reputation as a bowler and a sportsman.
  4. Exhibited distinguished service in the promotion of the game of bowling for the P.S.B.A.

Notwithstanding the foregoing eligibility requirements, the Hall Board may waive any or all of them by unanimous vote when there are unusual circumstances or accomplishments.

Anyone currently under suspension by the United States Bowling Congress shall not be considered.